Friday, October 9, 2009

De Bretts World of Antiques

I am slowly trying to discover antique/second hand stores in Melbourne. I have recently found one not too far from Cyclic and the big bonus is that I can afford a lot of what they have on offer. The shop is described as "eccentric antiques and bric a brac"and that explains what kind of store it is nicely. The shop goes back a long way from the street and it is filled to the brim with lots of lovely vintage goodies. I bought this beautiful bird figurine for $24.95, and I am currently in love with it.

With some of the items you will need to rummage through stuff to find what you are looking for. There are piles of books, and boxes of magazines, and linens where you will want to spend a bit of time looking. That's half the fun anyway. It's definitely worth a visit if you are in to that sort of thing. You can find De Bretts World of Antiques at 1043 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon.

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AnastasiaC said...

i love it!! what a darling find - i spotted something similar but they were candle holders...$35 for the set, i didnt get them though...yours is so beautiful!