Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do Try This at Home

I have mentioned the breakfast crumble from Mitte before - it's fantastic in case you haven't heard. Those of you not in Melbourne can now have a taste of what it's like too, only you will have to cook it for yourselves. The current copy of Delicious magazine has the recipe on page 50, so if you have been wondering what it tastes like, now is your chance.


M* (Melanie) said...

thanks for sharing. It looks absolutely delicious!! I haven't even heard of Mitte! It's so close to my neck of the woods too. Shall have to visit soon

Sam said...

You're in Melbourne aren't you Jo? Melbourne - so, so, so wonderful - especially the food!! Thank you for this recipe - but I'm afraid I'm hopeless at cooking sweet treats because I'm so impatient to eat them!! I might show my boyfriend!

ruby-jo said...

Yes Melanie you should go and visit Mitte.

Sam yes I am in Melbourne. I get impatient cooking dinner for the same reason but am more than happy to spend hours making something sweet (you can lick bowls and beaters along the way!) Definitely show your boyfriend.