Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pink Liberty

New pink Liberty Tana Lawn. Well sort of new, I have had them in my fabric stash for a couple of weeks (maybe months ) but haven’t used them yet. They are destined to become brooches and maybe something else if I get some inspiration.

I am in love with Liberty fabrics right now. They feel beautiful, they look beautiful and I love how detailed the prints are. They also seem to come in every colour imaginable.

So far I have only made brooches out of my Liberty fabric because of the cost but I would love to make something bigger for myself one day like a shirt or a bag.


Shannon said...

I was just drooling over some Liberty prints in one of my local fabric shops this morning. I am in love with the one with bright orange watering cans - very Summery! But yes, the cost prohibits me from buying too much of it.

Ruby-Jo said...

The fabric sounds cute, maybe you could buy a small amount.