Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Bag Pattern

I have been working on a new bag/pouch pattern and after a few tests this is the finished product.

It's a really simple design and folds over to close with a magnetic catch.

The chrysanthemum design on the linen has been screen printed by me in a slightly too bright green. It wasn't quite the green colour I was after but I was trying to keep the screen printing process simple so I used an off the shelf colour from Permaset.

I am going to have to get myself a colour mixing chart and have a go at mixing up some colours.


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

your bag is very pretty.

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thanks Cath!

Penny said...

It's really pretty! I love the seersucker lining too. I quite like that green, it's nice and vibrant and fresh without being too much of a bold grass green.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! It's so clean and simple , the fabric is great too! I think you're onto a winner there Jo!

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thanks Penny and Sam, I will have to make some more to put in the shop.