Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's hard to resist chocolate at Easter time as it seems to be every where you look. And not just any chocolate but Easter egg chocolate which we all know tastes better than your normal run of the mill chocolate that you can find any time of the year.

The only chocolate I ever request at Easter time these days is a Red Tulip Elegant Bunny. Mum used to buy one for us when we were kids and then stopped doing so when we got a little too old for bunnies. Maybe having one at Easter makes me feel like a kid again but I love the outfits they wear and of course I LOVE the Easter egg chocolate taste. If you could buy Easter eggs all year round that is probably the only chocolate I would buy.

I have a have a milk chocolate and white chocolate Elegant Bunny to share this Easter. Of course there were no white chocolate bunnies when I was a kid but I am prepared to overlook that fact.

Happy Easter!


Rabbit and the Duck said...

Happy Easter : ) I agree, easter egg chocolate is great, my weakness are the Lindt bunnies (white, milk, or dark - I'm not biased!).

BonTons said...

We get the Bilby now. My favourite as a kid was an egg filled with Smarties. I used to love saving the wrappings and make flowers with them all

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Bilby's taste good too. I have to say that milk chocolate is my favourite for bunnies and easter eggs.

lyptis said...

Hey, i bought a Elegant Rabbit this year for the first time. The white one on the left.

Its been decorating my kitchen since 3 weeks, its too pretty to eat! Its living there now.