Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring Back the Hazelnut Roll.......Please!

I just found out that the Hazelnut Roll is no longer being made and I am not a happy camper.

I have been eating them since I was a kid and even now that I am all grown up (well, technically anyway) they are still my favourite icecream.

Peters Icecream the maker of Hazelnut Rolls was bought out by Nestle earlier in the year and are doing away with the Hazelnut Roll. I only found out a when I went looking to buy an icecream on a particularly hot day and couldn't find a Hazelnut Roll anywhere. A blog post by The Food Pornographer confirmed my worst fears - they are no longer being manufactured.

Damn you Nestle!

I wish I had found out sooner so I could eat one last Hazelnut Roll for old times sake. As it is I don't think there are any left anywhere but I have been searching deli icecream freezers in the hope that I might find one lucky last one hiding at the bottom of the freezer. I have had no luck so far.


Anonymous said...

i also have been out looking for a lucky last hazelnut roll and cant find one, what kind of asshole gets rid of the hazelnut roll an all time favourite of millions.....Bring back the HAZELNUT ROLL.......Nikki & Jason.

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Sadly I think they are all gone. I haven't been able to find a luck last one either.

Jenna Holt said...

OH MY GOD!!! im absolutely devestated, ive always loved hazlenut rolls, and i am now pregnant with my 2nd child and having crippling cravings for hazlenut rolls! and ur right, there gone!!! they NEED to be brought back!!!

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

I agree, it's very sad.

Unknown said...

What the hell, this is an outrage. An overseas company killing off an Australian icon