Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am learning to crochet!! and I am excited...hence the exclamation marks.

I have always wanted to learn how to crochet ( something to do with my love of doilies) but put it in the too hard basket because I am left handed and instructions for us lefties are scarce and trying to reverse everything is just too hard.

Anyway learning to crochet right handed has solved that problem and I have been taking classes at Onabee in Kensington. So far I have done Crochet 1.The Basics, Crochet 2.Granny Squares and will be starting Crochet 3.The Next Step soon.

At the moment I have been just practicing my technique but I am thinking about what I could do as my first proper project...something to do with granny squares I think.


Anna said...

well done,I can remember the satisfaction I felt when I learn to crochet. Finally it all made sense. Granny squares were one of the first things I made.The sunburst or circle in a square pattern is another easy granny square to learn s a beginner. Perhaps a pillow for a first project?

Mia said...

Nice work! I remember learning at school in the 70s! (oops, did I really say that???)

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thanks Anna, I think a pillow would make a good first project.

Luna I was born in the 70's! Actually I remember learning macrame at school in about year 5. Crochet would have been cooler.

NeverEverEmma said...

Ooh Jo, I will watch closely! My mum has just started to teach me how to crochet, as I wanted to make a rug to go on the back of our couch for winter (a bit late now... it might be ready for next winter).

I'm impressed that you are taking classes!

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

That's great that you are learning Emmma. It's not too hard with a bit of practice.