Sunday, October 10, 2010

Camberwell Markets

I didn't go to the Camberwell markets at all during the winter, mainly because it was so cold. Yes I am a wuss!

Anyway I went this morning and there was lots of vintage goodness on offer.

I came away with a sugar bowl, a tablecloth and napkin set still in it's box (minus the lid), a set of 8 cross stitch napkins all with the same design and a selection of crochet patterns. All vintage and all in excellent condition.

It was a beautiful spring day for it too.


Amaria said...

Looks like a fun day- and what perfect weather for Wusses to be out in!

Rachel Fenning said...

Nice finds... how floral & pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Great find Jo! I love old craft books. They should give you some inspiration for your crocheting. :)

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thanks for your comments.

It was a beautiful weather for it and yes I have lots of crochet inspiration now.