Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Year, New Direction?

Well it is a new year again, (I know I am a little late since it February already!) we are back from a very hot holiday in WA and the bike shop is open and in full swing, which means my bookkeeping skills are in demand.
I should be planning my year for ruby-jo but instead I am feeling a bit lost creatively.  I don’t think I want to continue in the same direction I have been for the past few years but I am unsure exactly what to do next.
So… I have decided to put ruby-jo on hold/hiatus for a while, to give me some time to figure it all out.  That means I won’t be making anything new for the shop for a while and I will be giving myself time to experiment and play around with some of the new ideas I have floating around in my head. 
I will be organising a sale in my shops soon to clear out old stock and in case you are wondering I will still keep blogging - hopefully a bit more frequently than I have been.


Mia said...

Sounds exciting - you never know where the hiatus will take you! Good luck :)

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Oh thanks :)