Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think I have been bitten by the oppshoping bug. It might have something to do with living in Melbourne and being inspired by local shops such as Made Café, and numerous blogs where people showcase their newly acquired opp shop finds.

I haven’t seriously opp shopped since I was a uni student, which was quite a while ago. Back then it was mostly for clothes, and stuff was really cheap too. I remember buying an as new velvet jacket for $1. You certainly can’t do that anymore. Eventually my clothing tastes changed and when I went to TAFE to study fashion I began to make a lot of my clothing anyway. This time I am looking for homewares, or fabrics/haberdashery that I can make into something.

The photos show my first lot of finds. A beautiful milky glass bowl, with decorative edging ($6.00) and a Sketch-a-graph Mk 2, still in its box and looking brand new ($2). The sketch-a-graph is pretty cool. According to the box it is a “scientific drawing instrument to enlarge, reduce or copy from any original picture.” Which makes it good for things like embroidery patterns and the like.

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