Saturday, January 31, 2009

Surviving the Heat

Melbourne has been very hot lately in case you didn’t know. Yesterday the temperature climbed to 45 °C, which is just plain crazy if you ask me. I have been lucky that I could spend most of the 40 plus degree days bunkered up at home with the air conditioner running. It’s been hot but without the air conditioning, it would have been a lot worse. Thank you to our wonderful landlord who installed air conditioning in the house AFTER we had moved in. How fantastic is that?

My luck ran out a little last night when the power went off at around 6.30pm. Fortunately it came on again around 2.5 hours later. Yesterday evening was the first night since the heatwave started that the outside temperature was cooler than the temperature in the house so we were able to sit outside while there was no power.

Today is going to be cooler, thank god but still hot. We are expecting 37 °C, which will be a welcome relief from 45 °C and means I can venture outside today.

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