Monday, May 3, 2010

Photos from Yarraville

Here is the table I shared with Amelia from Milkwood.

My half of the table.

And a basket of cushions which wouldn't fit on the table.

If you look carefully on the pin up board in the second photo you can see I managed to get 2 heart brooches done.. well 3 actually, I wore one of them. They both sold so I will be making some more soon.

Jess from Epheriell dropped by to say hello which was lovely. It's always fun meeting people in real life when you know them from online. Jess has blogged about visiting us here.

Right now I am trying to recover from my cold, catch up on sleep, clean the disaster I left in my workroom and the mess in the rest of the house and catch up on about 2 weeks of bookwork.


lyptis said...

Lovely stall! Great display. Especially love the top row of brooches.

Not surprised the heart brooches sold they are ultra cute!

Get well soon!:*

belinda.moonmum said...

The table looks great! Hope you both had a great day :)

Lara said...

The stall looks great! Love those cushions :)

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thank you Fran, Belinda and Lara :)

Tali said...

your stall looks fantastic! so neat and cute!

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Thanks Tali!