Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bushfires

I guess I am feeling like a lot of Aussies at the moment when I say that I am shocked and saddened by the devastating effect the Victorian bushfires have had on the community. It is heartbreaking to see houses and whole towns turned to rubble and hear peoples stories of loss and tragedy. So many people have lost their lives.

If you would like to help out the people affected by this there are ways to do so here.

Another way to help is by buying an item from OzBushfireAppeal on etsy. Products have been donated to the store and ALL proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. So you can shop and not feel guilty about spending money because it is going to a good cause.

Edit: the OZBushfireAppeal shop is temporarily on hold as we are waiting for permsision from etsy admin to continue with it as it violates some of their Terms of Service. Lets hope they see sense and let us proceed.

Update: Etsy admin have allowed us to carry on with the shop so it is up and running and being stocked as we speak.


esta sketch said...

it's so sad watching the news these past few days.. we get up every morning hoping for better news but it only seems to be getting worse, but it's wonderful to see so many people donating and trying to help out all those affected as much as they can.

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Let's hope etsy admin cuts us some slack because I think we could sell quite a bit in the OZBushfireAppeal store.